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Virginia ACTE is an affiliate of the national Association for Career and Technical Education.

Virginia Lottery
Thanks to Virginia Lottery for supporting Career and Technical Education in Virginia.


2024–2025 Board of Directors

President: Bo Bundrick

President-Elect: Arnaz  Dotivala

Past President: Kimberly Wilson

Executive Director: Darla Miller

Vice President for Membership: Laura Smith

Vice President for Public Policy: Dr. James Egenrieder

Secretary: Melvina R. Robinson

Treasurer: Chad A. Maclin

ACTE Region II Policy Board Representative: Adriane Graham

Virginia Association of Agriculture Educators (VAAE)
Board Representative: 
Brian Fisher 

Virginia Association of Career and Technical Education Administrators (VACTEA)
Board Representative: 
B.K. Walker

Virginia Association of Career and Technical Education Special Populations Division (VACTE-SPD)
Board Representative: Sherry Hildebrant

Virginia Association of Marketing Educators (VAME)
Board Representative: Maronica Brown

Virginia Association of Teachers of Family & Consumer Sciences (VATFACS)
Board Representative: 
Dr. Amber Tiernan

Virginia Association of Trade & Industrial Educators (VATIE)
Board Representative: 
Arnaz Dotivala

Virginia Business Education Association (VBEA)
Board Representative:
Mike Onda

Virginia Counseling and Career Development (VCCD)
Board Representative: 
Mary Walker

Virginia Health and Medical Sciences Education Association (VAHAMSEA)
Board Representative: 
Shanti Pelham

Virginia Technology and Engineering Education Association (VTEEA)
Board Representative:
  Alisa Rushing

Virginia Work-Based Learning: Adriane Graham

Ex-Officio Members

Dr. Anthony Williams, Director—Office of Career, Technical & Adult Education, Virginia Department of Education

Kevin P. Reilly, Administrative Coordinator, CTE Resource Center

Association Presidents

Association presidents are invited to attend meetings and participate in discussions but are not voting members.

VAAE President:  Sarah Jo Jones

VACTEA President: Lhe Smith 

VACTE-SND President: Terry Templeton

VAME President: Richard Totten

VATFACS President: Toshieba Ragland

VATIE President: Arnaz Dotivala

VBEA President: Stephanie Holt

VAHAMSEA President: Robert Totty

VTEEA President: Dr. Tricia Jacobs